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Why Work With Us

  • No Out-of-Pocket Cost: Our litigation services come at no cost to your clients.
  • Proven Expertise: Since 2010, we have successfully assisted over 78,000 clients.
  • Guaranteed Success: We have a 100% success rate in correcting legitimate credit report errors.
  • Comprehensive Legal Support: We handle the entire litigation process, ensuring your clients receive the compensation they deserve.
  • Client Benefits: Clients can receive $1,000 to $2,500 in damages, along with corrected credit reports.

Referral Program

  • Earning Referral Fees: Receive a fee for each case that goes to litigation.
  • Seamless Integration: Our Affiliate Portal makes the referral process smooth and efficient.
  • Ongoing Support: We provide continuous training and support to help you identify and refer clients effectively.

Common Credit Report Errors We Address

  • Balance Errors: Incorrect balances on settled or paid accounts.
  • Duplicate Accounts: Multiple listings of the same account.
  • Discharged Debts: Incorrect reporting of discharged debts (e.g., after a 1099-C).
  • Unknown Accounts: Accounts not recognized by the client, possibly due to identity theft.

How We Work Together

  • Step-by-Step Process:
    1. Error Identification: CROs review files to find genuine errors.
    2. Client Outreach: Inform clients about the litigation process.
    3. File Submission: Submit the client’s file through our Affiliate Portal.
    4. Legal Action: We determine the next steps and proceed with litigation if necessary.  Referral fees are paid once a lawsuit is filed.
    5. Resolution: Clients receive corrected credit reports and potential damages.

Benefits of Partnership

  • Ease of Use: Utilize our user-friendly Affiliate Portal and resources.
  • Trust Building: Help clients resolve their credit issues, enhancing their trust in your services.
  • Consistent Payments: Quick and reliable referral fee payouts.

Get Started

  • Complete the form on this page.
  • We will reach out to you to begin the onboarding process.
  • Receive training on identifying credit report errors.
  • Start referring clients and earn referral fees.

Let us help your clients by litigating on their behalf to correct
credit report errors.

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What services do you provide for credit repair organizations (CROs)?

We offer litigation support to help correct credit report errors for your clients at no out-of-pocket cost. We handle the legal process and ensure clients receive potential damages of $1,000 to $2,500.

How does your referral fee program work?

You earn a referral fee for each case that reaches litigation. We provide ongoing training and support, and the referral process is streamlined through our Affiliate Portal.

What are the common credit report errors you litigate?

We handle various errors, including:

  1. Balance due on settled or paid accounts.
  2. Balance due after debt discharge with a 1099-C.
  3. Duplicate accounts on the credit report.
  4. Both debt buyer and original creditor reporting a balance due.
  5. Unknown accounts on the report, possibly due to identity theft.

How do I refer a client to your firm?

The process involves:

  1. Identifying clients with genuine credit report errors.
  2. Contacting clients about the next steps.
  3. Submitting the client and their file through our Affiliate Portal.
  4. We review the referral and determine if litigation is the next step.
  5. If litigation is necessary, we handle the lawsuit and advance the cost of the suit.

What documentation is needed for different types of credit report errors?

  • Settled or Paid Account: Settlement letter, payment confirmation, bank statements showing payments.
  • Debt Discharged with 1099-C: The 1099-C form.
  • Unknown Accounts (Identity Theft): FTC ID Theft Affidavit, police report, etc.

Why should CROs partner with your firm?

We offer:

  • Easy referral processes through our Affiliate Portal.
  • Comprehensive support and resources.
  • Solutions that help gain client trust and assist more people.
  • Quick and consistent payout of referral fees.

How long has your firm been providing these services?

We have been assisting clients since 2010 and have helped over 78,000 clients with a 100% success rate in getting legitimate credit report errors removed.

What is the next step to start referring clients?

  1. Complete the form on this page so that we have your information.
  2. We will reach out to you to begin the onboarding process right away.
  3. You will receive training and materials on identifying errors.
  4. You will then begin referring clients to us.

How do clients benefit from your services?

Clients receive comprehensive legal support to correct credit report errors. Successful cases can result in clients receiving damages of $1,000 to $2,500 and a corrected credit report.

How can I contact your firm for more information?

Fill out the form on this page and we will reach out to you right away to provide more information on how we can partner together to help your clients and grow your business.