Average credit card interest rate (APR) has rise to above 15%
January 4, 2012

2012 has started off with a bang…for credit card companies!

According to the link below, the average credit card interest rate (APR) has rise to above 15%!  This is a quarter of a percent higher than the previous record set back in September.


With interest rates going nowhere but up, people who thought they could handle making their minimum monthly payments may not be able to do so as balances (and interest rates) start to rise.  Where do you go from here?  Let a legitimate law firm help you by negotiating for large reductions in your debt without the need for bankruptcy.   Contact a law firm that focuses exclusively on debt workout and that offers a free consultation, like McCarthy Law, and let them (or us) negotiate down your debt for a fraction of what is claimed as owed.

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