To Your Credit Card Company to Romney & Newt Gingrich's Pocket
January 23, 2012

From Your Pocket to Your Credit Card Company to Romney & Newt Gingrich’s Pocket

Now that the election is officially over, didn’t you wonder how those months of highly expensive campaigns were funded? You might wonder why a company that deals with credit card debt problems is posting an election-related article. Here’s why: credit cards and presidential campaigns have one thing in common— you.

You might wonder how all these have something to do with you. Well, every credit card user is unknowingly funding the campaign. A part of what you pay to your credit card debts go to the campaign. This is because banks and credit card companies are the top contributors to presidential campaigns. No wonder why expensive campaigns still run smoothly. The financial machinery is run by corporate and companies ordinary people like you owe money to.

As usual, it is the ordinary people who suffer. You struggle financially and try hard to get by with your day-to-day expenses. You work hard just to pay your debts, all those high interest rates that the banks impose on their clients, not to mention the seemingly endless additional fees. You do all these not knowing that a part of your hard-earned money goes to the wrong hands. This is a hard truth to simply swallow. All those monthly payments that you struggled to make help pay the mud-slinging, annoying election commercials that you see over and over again throughout the election period.

It’s good to know that the election period is finally over. Now that you know where some of your payments go, do you still want to, though involuntarily, financial a presidential campaign in the next election, for years from now? There’s still something you can do. You still have four years to settle your credit card debt. Freeing yourself from debt is certainly the best way for you to stop paying for election campaigns and unintentionally endorsing and campaigning a candidate you don’t like.

Put yourself on a healthy financial status. A reliable, experienced attorney can definitely help you settle your debt. Be debt-free and untangle yourself from this whole political game.



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