Can you ignore a Summons for a Credit Card Lawsuit?
February 6, 2012

Can You Ignore a Summons?

This article makes two important points: 1) don’t ignore a court summons indicating you’re being sued for credit card debt.  This will lead to a default judgment and wage garnishment or the money owed simply being pulled out of your bank account.  2) Although the story ended well for this alleged-debtor Tim Bond, it usually doesn’t end well for those not versed in the law.  Hire an experienced debt settlement attorney because they know the law and how to efficiently and effectively fight for your rights.  Bond was lucky because he happened to research the right information that informed him of the statute of limitations bar to old debt.  I use the word, “happened” because if you don’t know what you don’t know, you never know what vital information you’re missing to defend yourself in court.  Bond could have saved himself a lot of time and stress freaking out over this lawsuit if he’d had a trusted professional attorney advocating for him instead.

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