Banks Are Not Your Friends - Here's Why
February 7, 2012

Banks Are Not Your Friends

From the desk of Manhattan Beach McCarthy Law attorney, Rosanna Savone:

Banks, especially the big banks, aren’t around to make your dream of owning a home come true even if that’s what their advertising campaign tells you.  A bank has one goal in mind – to make a profit!  As this article (and the recent Great Recession) informs you that banks will often bet against you if that will help them make a profit.  And yes, this is true even if you’ve banked with the same bank for twenty years.  Miss a mortgage payment and see how friendly they are despite having you as a loyal customer for all those years.  You will be homeless faster than two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Yet despite this cold fact of capitalism, debtors often feel a moral obligation to the banks they owe when frankly that moral obligation is never returned in kind.  It’s like we all have a financial version of battered wives syndrome.  We want to stand by our man, even though he continues to beat us down time and time again.  Although I admire the integrity of wanting to do the right thing, there comes a time debtors need to open their eyes to the abuse and seek out the help of an experienced debt settlement lawyer, who will fight for your right to not be trapped in a bad financial marriage dictated by the big bank’s self-serving money making tactics.

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