Who Can Take Advantage of Debt Settlement? McCarthy Law PLC
February 22, 2012

Who Can Take Advantage of Debt Settlement?

One of the myths surrounding debt settlement is that it is only for low income people, or people who are poor.  As this article points out, that is not the case.


More and more middle income consumers are looking for help with their debt. The average income of people seeking help with their debt was $54,000, with an average debt of $24,000.  Previously, people may have looked to the equity in their homes to pay off debt, but with the depressed real estate market, many are not able to borrow from the equity in their home or obtain other loans as credit has become sparse.  If you find yourself to be one of these middle income borrowers who find themselves in debt, you are not alone.  My suggestion is to speak with a debt settlement attorney to help you conquer those debts by reducing them to a level that is manageable and that can be paid off in 3 years or less.

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