Credit Card Debt - The Taboo Subject
March 2, 2012

Credit Card Debt – The Taboo Subject

Have you ever been to a party and had a conversation with someone you just met about your credit card debt? If you have, we would like to be invited to your next party. According to this article, people would rather talk about their mortgage payment or their weight than their credit card debts.

It’s out there, everyone knows it’s out there, but nobody wants to discuss it. The good news coming from this article is that credit card debt in one particular area of California is on the decline.  However, the article provides the disclaimer that a contributing
factor may be that some of these debts have been charged off or more consumers have fallen into a bankruptcy. Whatever the reason for the decline, there’s still work to be done. Overall, Americans still owe over $800 billion in credit card debt.

We know you’re not going to talk about it at a party, but what is your plan to get out of debt?  Denying that you have a debt issue won’t make it go away. Neither will hoping that the next year will be a better year. The time is now to develop a plan to tackle your credit card debt. If bankruptcy is not an option and you don’t know where to turn next, you may consider debt settlement as an option to eliminate your debt in a short amount
of time for a significant reduction in the amount paid to your creditors. If you were able to save yourself tens of thousands of dollars on your debts, I bet not only would you talk to a stranger about it at a party, you would probably stand on a table and propose a
toast to living a life debt free.

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