Gray charge or Negative-option Marketing in 2024 ?
March 14, 2012

Heard of a Gray Charge or Negative-Option Marketing?

Neither had I until I read the following article. I would suggest taking a few minutes from your day to learn more about these charges that are popping up on unsuspecting consumers’ credit card bills every month. And if you are up to your neck in credit card debt and scared to even look at your statements, we really suggest that you look at them to see if you are being charged for items or services you aren’t aware of.

This article discusses how companies are billing a recurring charge to credit cards after a free-trial offer expires. The best advice given is to read the fine print when you are signing up for services online.  One man found that he was being charged monthly for airport Wi-Fi. By not electing to cancel the service (negative-option), you are open to future charges on a monthly basis. The article also provides information for a free service from a company named BillGuard that can help alert you to these potential gray charges. It may be worth looking into to ensure your credit cards aren’t the conduit to more credit card debt from these sneaky little charges.

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