Can you settle a debt online?
March 28, 2012

Can You Settle Your Debts Online?

According to this article, the author states that even though you can get a loan online, you can’t settle a debt online.

The author then goes on to state that the only way you can negotiate a reduction in the debt is by engaging in a face to face meeting with your lender. No doubt, the author of this article has never actually engaged in negotiating a reduction of his debt or on behalf of anyone else.  The one piece of advice that this author does have correct is where he suggests hiring an attorney to negotiate for you to avoid having the creditor pressure you into an agreement that is not that great for you.

Of course a creditor will not allow you to negotiate a reduction of debt online…otherwise they would be inundated with people submitting online requests to do so. The worst thing you could do is have a face to face meeting with your creditor, without attorney representation.  Your creditors are skilled at shaking you down for information that they will likely use against you to scare you into paying a debt that you probably cannot afford.

Rather than take trying to get a face to face meeting with your creditor, which we do not recommend and will probably not happen in any event, hire an experienced debt settlement attorney to have those discussions with your creditors to negotiate a reduction in debt for you.

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