Legal Helpers not Helpful with Debt Settlement - Here's Why
April 4, 2012

Legal Helpers not Helpful with Debt Settlement

It really is unfortunate that there are people out there who are willing to take advantage of people who are distressed and are seeking help.  For example, the Illinois Attorney General is seeking restitution for 314 clients who have been the victim of unscrupulous business practices by a debt settlement company called Legal Helpers.

According to one couple, this company took money from them that they were supposed to use to settle their debts, but the company did not settle the couple’s debts, leaving the couple with $70,000 in debt and a checkbook that was $12,253 lighter.  As this article points out, Legal Helpers supposedly works with other debt settlement firms to try to get the client’s debts settled.  Another past client complained that they had no idea that they were sued until the creditor started garnishing his wife’s wages.  Don’t let this be you.

Instead of hiring a debt settlement company that has no regulation and no accountability to anyone until it is too late, speak with a debt settlement attorney.  The attorney will provide you with concrete advice, knowing that he/she is regulated by the state bar in which he/she is licensed to practice.  You can look to see if there is any record of public discipline against the attorney and the law firm.  Also, if you are sued, the attorney can defend you in a lawsuit and likely help you avoid wage garnishment like the lady mentioned in this article.  Contact a reputable debt settlement attorney to assist you with negotiating a reduction in your debt and rest assured that your attorney is handling the matter for you.

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