Financial Infidelity
April 17, 2012

Is Your Spouse Commiting Financial Infidelity?

It’s a sad fact of life that people sometimes stray from their spouse.  But as the following article points out, infidelity can go well beyond carrying on a relationship with another outside of your marriage.  Some couples are contending with financial infidelity, which happens when one spouse hides spending habits from the other.  The following article discusses this issue and different ways it is being handled in Canada.  But we can all take something from this article.

Trust is one of the biggest issues to contend with once the problem is discovered.  The best advice I take from this article is to come clean 100% when the spending issues comes to light.  Don’t sugar coat it.  Handling the financial part of the issue is easy.  It’s rebuilding the trust that will take time.  The article concludes with some things to look for that could help identify financial infidelity.  Take a look at the list and keep the behavior in mind.  If you or your spouse are living this deceit, it might be time to address the issue head on and start rebuilding trust.  If the debts cannot be taken care of in short order, you may consider seeking the advice of an experienced attorney to determine if there are options available to you to settle your credit card debt.  If not, they might be able to refer you to a professional that can at least help you start rebuilding your trust.

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