Is Your Relationship Debt-Proof? - McCarthy Law PLC
May 8, 2012

Is Your Relationship Debt-Proof?

We’ve written about it before, but it’s worth touching upon again.  Finances can ruin a relationship.  It’s not worth it to hide things such as credit card debt from the one you love.  The following article is pretty short and to the point and provides some good tips to consider when dealing with your finances while in a relationship.

I particularly like the idea of a “finance appointment” to briefly discuss numbers.  It’s a must and while you may dread the appointment as it looms, I bet you will leave the meeting feeling better knowing more about where you stand financially.   My other favorite is the relationship audit.  We recently blogged about the strategy of knowing what you owe.  That concept is reiterated in this article.  The author even concludes with what we often recommend here: make a plan.  If you’re in good shape, plan on how you are going to stay that way.  If you have surprise debts to work on, consider options to pay the debt whether it be debt settlement, bankruptcy or other alternative means.  The bottom line here is that the debt you owe should not ruin your relationship.  Follow at least some of this advice and perhaps you will find happiness in a debt-proof relationship.

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