Bill Bartmann’s take on “Debt-Collector Gold”

If you read this blog, you know we love us some Bill Bartmann.  He’s back again and blogging on the Huffington Post about what he calls debt-collector gold.  What exactly is that?  Check out the article for the full details.


In case you don’t have time, here’s the skinny.  Bartmann is outing debt collectors for using the court system to obtain default judgments against debtors.  A default judgment is what happens when a person gets served with a lawsuit, but fails to appear in the suit to defend against the claims.  Bartmann describes the sneaky tactics used by debt collectors to obtain default judgment which tilts the playing field to their advantage in collecting the debt.  You see, once you obtain a default judgment, it’s not a matter of whether you owe the money.  That’s what the default judgment says.  Now it’s a matter of pay up.  Either by garnishment, bank levy or other legal means.  Evil, but brilliant is how Bartmann describes this tactic.  If you have been served with documents relating to a credit card debt, don’t simply dismiss the documents.  The best thing you can do is seek the assistance of an attorney to determine what action should be taken. Most reputable attorneys will provide a free initial consultation to review the matter with you and provide you with a professional opinion on the best course of action.

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