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June 15, 2012

Angry Birds Making Me Angry!

OK, I admit it…I was one of them, but who wouldn’t like squawking cartoon birds and funny smiling pigs.  What am I talking about?  Angry Birds of course!  This silly time-wasting game caught the attention of millions of users worldwide.  But, apparently, the birds’ reach does not stop with a simple video game.  Roxio Entertainment, owner of the Angry Birds label, will debut the Angry Birds credit card in Russia.   

As a debt settlement attorney, what is disconcerting to me is that a credit card based on a video game will target the younger generations, who may not realize the real life impact of using a credit card.  According to the Russian Bank that is planning on issuing the card, they are targeting card users between the ages of 25 to 35.  Realistically however, I think the persons they will be targeting will be of a much younger generation.  To further my concern, the bank plans on charging an annual fee for the card, and will offer a discount to its card members for Angry Bird branded products.  Those who may not be financially mature to handle a credit card may find themselves trying to spend more using the card to get discounts on Angry Birds merchandise.  It is a vicious cycle that essentially preys on those who shouldn’t be targeted by large financial institutions.  I say, don’t get their credit card and use the amount you pay for the annual fee to buy the Angry Birds merchandise full price, if you are going to buy their merchandise at all.  Just like you wouldn’t want your children targeted by ads from cigarette companies, we shouldn’t let the youth of society be targeted by big banks using the lure of popular video games.

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