$1.7M - debt collector for Unscrupulous Practices
August 3, 2012

$1.7M agreement with debt collector for Unscrupulous Practices

What does $1,714,553 represent?  Well, if you were one of the unwitting victims of debt collector DP & Associates, Inc. based out of Irvine, CA, that would be the amount that the attorney general for West Virginia is requiring this California debt collection agency to repay to its West Virginia residents for unscrupulous debt collection practices.


In violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, debt collector DP & Associates threatened people with jail time, claiming that if the amount was not paid by the end of the day, they would send out a warrant for the debtor’s arrest.  In another case, the debt collector inflated the amount owed by approximately $3,000.  In another matter, the debt collector told the mother that they were waiting at the courthouse to arrest her daughter for debts owed.  As a result of these unlawful business practices, DP & Associates will have to repay $1.7mil in funds taken from their victims.

If you have been contacted by DP & Associates for debts allegedly owed, or have been threatened by them, contact a debt settlement attorney who can advise you of your rights, not only under the federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act but also under California’s version of the act, the Rosenthal Act.  Knowing your rights is half the battle!

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