Almost Half of Americans Die Without Money | McCarthy Law PLC
August 14, 2012

Almost Half of Americans Die Without Money

According to recent studies done by economic professors at MIT, Dartmouth and Harvard, almost half (46%) of Americans die with virtually no assets.  Nineteen percent (19%) die with absolutely no assets at all.  These people are only able to survive due to Social Security and have the worst health issues of all Americans.  If this isn’t troubling enough, everywhere you read states that currently Americans are saving at an all time low.  This makes me conclude that unless something changes quickly, the number of Americans that will die in poverty will increase in the future.  This article also states that a person needs a million dollars in retirement savings to get $40,000 a year during their retirement.  Therefore, if you are in your thirties or older and have too much credit card debt and are unable to contribute to retirement, you should definitely seek the counsel of an experienced debt settlement attorney.  Otherwise, the decision not to will ultimately leave you in dire circumstances in old age.

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