Credit Card Lawsuits Lacking Evidence | McCarthy Law PLC
August 16, 2012

Credit Card Lawsuits Lacking Evidence

It is difficult to regain trust in our major banks when we, consumers, are constantly deluded with stories of major flaws in their internal systems.  In 2008, we saw grave mistakes with mortgage lending, funding and documentation.  Apparently those flaws have crossed over into credit card debt.  As this article points out, many of the big credit card companies are trying to collect from consumers without the proper documentation.   

A state court civil judge in Boston states that he believes 90% of the debt collection lawsuits are flawed in that these large credit card companies are attempting to give “robo-testimony” without documentation, much like the robo-signing that has recently plagued the mortgage industry.  Approximately 95% of these lawsuits are rewarded with a default judgment against the consumer because the consumer fails to make an appearance in the lawsuit.  If you think you could be a victim of one of these “robo-lawsuits,” you should contact a debt settlement attorney who can review with you your legal defenses.  With odds at 90%+ of credit card companies not being able to prove their debts, odds are in your favor!

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