Suri Cruise to be McCarthy Law's Next Client? | McCarthy Law PLC
September 5, 2012

Suri Cruise to be McCarthy Law’s Next Client?

We never out our clients and if Suri Cruise were really our client, you would never know.   But I must say that the fact that Tom and Katie’s daughter has a credit card is a bit alarming.

Unless she has some serious oversight, Suri could fall in the trap that so many others do with credit cards.  Using credit cards to accumulate bad debt.  What’s bad debt?  Debt accumulated using credit cards by buying items such as cupcakes and candy, which this article reports Suri to be doing.  You might ask why anyone would use a credit card to make such a purchase.  Well, she is only 6 years old?  Let’s just hope that someone is keeping track of her credit card debt.

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