Reason No. 101 You Shouldn't Use a Debt Settlement Company!
October 2, 2012

Reason No. 101 You Shouldn’t Use a Debt Settlement Company!

We’ve said it before on this site, the FTC has cracked down on similar companies and the Internet is full of similar stories. Yet, for some reason, consumers continue to fall into this trap of placing their trust in the hands of debt settlement companies. The following article describes the issues that at least 150 consumers have faced in dealing with debt settlement companies such as the J. Hass Group out of Scottsdale, AZ.–171421341.html

Apparently, after having poured in $8,000, the focus of this story had seen only limited amount of success in paying down any of her outstanding credit card debt. Little did she know that she was dealing with a company rated with an F with the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately for this AZ resident, she failed to recognize that the better option would have been to consult with an attorney experienced in the debt settlement arena. What people must realize is that attorneys are bound by a different set of rules – the Rules of Professional Responsibility – which govern our practice. Violate those rules and we risk losing our license. What that should mean to consumers is that an attorney has more on the line. We would encourage anyone out there struggling with credit card debt to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney so that you don’t find yourself making a report to the FTC or BBB for a less than truthful debt settlement company.

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