Students Turn to Selling Eggs to Pay for Tuition | Debt Lawyers
October 16, 2012

Students Turn to Selling Eggs or Getting Sugar Daddies to Pay for Tuition

If only darling little Debbie’s parents would have known when she was four years old that one day she would be essentially selling her body parts to pay for college tuition, they would have planned accordingly for their child’s education. But if Debbie’s parents are like a lot of people, they probably thought they had plenty of time to save so they put it off until tomorrow. Then in a blink of an eye, little Debbie is 18 years old and is now advertising herself on  This situation breaks my heart, but unfortunately it’s not outside the realm of possibility in today’s world.

If you’re in debt and you are not saving at all for an emergency fund, retirement, or your own kids’ college tuition, then you have too much debt. You should seek an experienced debt settlement attorney to negotiate your debt down and start saving for your future.


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