Out of Control Debt Collectors? | McCarthy Law PLC
October 30, 2012

Out of Control Debt Collectors?

This is in no way shocking to us, but since it continues to pop up in news across the country, we feel compelled to continue reporting on it. Rogue debt collectors continue to haunt unsuspecting citizens for debts they paid long ago or (even worse) never actually owed. As the following article discusses, complaints to the Federal Trade Commission have grown by 73 percent since the economy bottomed out in 2008.


While we might agree with the article that debt collection, when done properly, is a necessary part of our country’s financial system, they must still follow the law. The fact of the matter is that when old credit card debt is sold and bought on the open market, the possibility of errors persists. In fact, when debt collection companies purchase portfolios of bad credit card debt, they receive minimal information from the original creditor. This becomes a problem when this erroneous information is subsequently reported to the credit bureaus, damaging an individual’s credit. If you find yourself victimized by such activity don’t just sit back and take it. The time is now to take action against these rogue debt collectors. If you cannot resolve this on your own or if you feel intimidated and don’t think you can handle it on your own, seek the assistance of a law firm experienced in dealing with debt collectors. You should take the opportunity to see what remedies you might have against these rogue debt collectors.


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