Robocalls Go On The FTC Radar | McCarthy Law PLC
November 2, 2012

Robocalls Go On The FTC Radar

If you have a phone, chances are you have received an unsolicited
phone call from an agency claiming to be able to lower the interest
rate on your credit cards. I have received a number of these calls
myself and I don’t even carry a balance on my credit card.
Thankfully, the FTC is taking action.

As folks continue to struggle with credit card debts, agencies such as
these targeted by the FTC continue to pop up. They prey on those in a
difficult debt situation and scam them out of money they could have
used to legitimately pay down those debts. Could you use $50,000 to
pay down your credit card debt? According to this article, the FTC
has offered a $50,000 prize if you can come up with a new technical
solution to combat these robocalls.

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