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November 8, 2012

Don’t just walk, RUN away from payday loans!

The following article discusses the ease in which one can get a payday
loan and the proper time to consider taking out a payday loan. It
even cautions you against the ridiculously high interest rates. So I
still don’t understand why anyone would consider this option. The
author says that you might consider a payday loan if you have an
unexpected medical expense and you can’t wait until your next payday.
Even with a medical expense, I can’t fathom taking out a loan that has
an interest rate that could easily exceed 100% if not paid off
immediately. Rather than falling into the trap of payday loans, you
should probably focus on the end of the article and the suggested ways
to avoid the necessity of taking out one of these high interest loans.
Perhaps the author could have done us all a favor and just posted
these suggestions and skipped out on all that payday loan malarkey.

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