Top 7 Worst Credit Cards | McCarthy Law PLC
November 13, 2012

Top 7 Worst Credit Cards

Quick, go grab your wallet and pull out your credit cards. If you
have one that appears on the following list, you might want to
consider your options.

A $459 annual fee? That’s instant credit card debt if you are unable
to pay off that fee once it hits your card annually. In our debt
settlement practice, we try to educate people to make wise decisions
regarding credit card debt. We realize that there may be times when
it is far more convenient or even necessary to use a credit card. We
get that. But you should be using a card that makes sense. I can’t
imagine using one of the cards on this list. Obviously, you have
options regarding which credit card you put in your wallet. Do your
research before you take on the responsibility of a new credit card.

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