Say No - Debt Settlement Companies Are Waaay Too Expensive!

I had the opportunity to review a proposed agreement between a debt settlement company (not a law firm) and a person with lots of credit card debt. I was absolutely floored by how much the debt settlement company wanted to charge.  The agreement I reviewed charged the client 25% of the debt claimed as owed to the person’s creditors plus additional fees totaling nearly $500.  Yikes!

Our firm does not discuss fees publicly, but I can tell you this:  we don’t charge anywhere near what debt settlement companies are demanding and we can provide far more service to our clients in resolving their debt.  It almost feels as if these companies are preying on folks who are already struggling.  If you live in Arizona or California and are considering a debt settlement company, contact our firm for a free consultation.  If you live outside of Arizona or California, call us for a solid referral.  Don’t get burned by a debt settlement company.