7 Credit Card Pitfalls to Avoid | McCarthy Law PLC
December 4, 2012

7 Credit Card Pitfalls to Avoid

Many things do not come with guidebooks, even though they should. One of those things is credit cards. Here is a great article that sets forth 7 credit card pitfalls that you should avoid.


For example, credit card companies often attempt to entice you to switch your balance over to their company by providing you with credit card checks. Unfortunately, what they don’t put in big bold letters is the fact that there is usually a hefty fee to make the balance transfer, which is for a limited time being, which outweighs any potential interest rate savings you may have as a result of the transfer. Also, try to avoid using your credit card like an ATM because even though it may be convenient for you to swipe that card to get some cash, that convenience comes at a high price, usually somewhere around 25%. By avoiding these mistakes you can also avoid having your balances spiral out of control. If you have fallen victim to any of these pitfalls, don’t fret. Contact a debt settlement attorney who can help you onto a path out of the debt spiral.

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