The New Math: '13 = '12 :: McCarthy Law PLC

If Americans could make it happen just by wishing it were so, then 2013 would be a huge year for the economy and the folks.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.  Despite the perennial wish for a better tomorrow, the article below indicates that economic growth will statistically mirror the anemic 2.2% economic growth we saw in 2012.  And these estimates do not take into account the negative impacts of falling off the looming fiscal cliff.

Why should you care?  Because knowledge is power.  Knowing that 13 will be a repeat of 12, you can take sober steps to best navigate the economic waters.  If you have more debt than you can handle, you now know that the economy is not going to bail you out in 13.  You will need to take action to address your situation:  take the first step and visit with a reputable debt settlement attorney to understand your options.