Still dealing with unwanted holiday guests? | McCarthy Law PLC
January 1, 2013

Still dealing with unwanted holiday guests?

It happens to so many of us every year. That unwanted holiday guest that you’re ready to get rid of. We’re not talking about Aunt Edna, rather that credit card debt that just won’t seem to go away no matter how hard you try. Here’s a good article that provides some tips on how to trim your credit card debt.

You should pay special attention to the fourth tip. Open your mail and pay attention to what creditors are sending. Far too many times, consumers reach out to us after judgment has been entered against them in a lawsuit they knew nothing about. While we can still settled these debts, the settlement amounts tend to be higher. Collecting on a judgment is easy work for creditors as they can garnish your wages or levy on bank accounts until the judgment is satisfied in full, including attorney’s fees and post-judgment interest. This number can really add up quickly and cause you to pay much more than you expect. If you have been sued by a creditor, make sure you take some action. We would suggest consulting with an attorney immediately so that you can be advised of your options and deadlines to take action and avoid a judgment being taken against you.

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