The Banks Just Keep on Winning | McCarthy Law PLC
January 9, 2013

The Banks Just Keep on Winning

We wish we didn’t have to report this. Once again, the banks are coming out ahead against the government. The following article and video discusses how the banks continue to get off easy.

Of interest to me is that the “robo-signer” investigations are coming to a close for a $10 billion dollar settlement for the banks. This will put to an end the several year investigation regarding the improper foreclosure practices of banks. While $10 billion sounds like a lot, consider that this is spread out over several banks. Also consider the insane profits these same banks have made. In our debt settlement practice, clients often express the moral dilemma they face in negotiating debts as opposed to paying the debts the banks claim they are owed in full. It’s news like this that leads me to remind our clients that the banks are doing just fine. And releasing you from their grip by settling your debt will not harm them in the least.

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