Is Bank of America is on the Hook for Self-Dealing? | McCarthy Law PLC
February 4, 2013

Is Bank of America is on the Hook for Self-Dealing?

During the sub-prime mortgage crash, Countrywide Financial was at the center of improper and sketchy loan practices.  After the fiasco went down, Bank of America bought out Countrywide Financial and was faced with modifying mortgages to help homeowners stay in these homes.  Many of these homeowners also had 2nd mortgages that needed to be modified also.  Now, Bank of America is being accused of not modifying these 2nd mortgages or lines of credit as a means to protect their investors.  According to this article, documents have been submitted showing that they may have engaged in misconduct.

The result of this double dealing has left many homeowners with a foreclosure due to their high 2nd mortgage or HELOC payment.  If you have been foreclosed on or have been through the short sale process and are left with a deficiency to pay, you may want to contact a debt settlement attorney in your area.  An attorney who specializes in debt settlement may be able to negotiate a settlement on your 2nd or HELOC without the need for bankruptcy.

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