Can Heavy Debt Lead to a Heavy Heart? | McCarthy Law PLC
February 8, 2013

Can Heavy Debt Lead to a Heavy Heart?

A new survey finds 70% of women believe that keeping credit card debt secret from them is a good reason to break off a relationship with the secret-keeper. The survey of 1,005 adults conducted by also finds that men are slightly more forgiving about their partner’s credit card debt, where 54% of men view secret credit card debt negatively.

What is not a secret is that successful couples probably share similar ideas about managing money. In fact, the study found 68% of all participants thought sharing the same views about money is the single most important factor in a relationship. With Valentine’s Day approaching, there is no better time to tackle lingering debt issues. Before you reach the end of your rope, contact a debt settlement attorney and eliminate burdensome debt. You will improve not only your bottom line but also your relationship.


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