Is Equifax Helping Debt Collectors?

It has been reported recently that Equifax, one of the nation’s largest credit reporting agencies, has sold information it has gathered regarding the salaries of individuals. The information has been sold to debt collectors which could make their jobs that much easier.


One of the many things debt collectors look at is your income when trying to determine whether you can pay them back. Now that Equifax has sold this information to debt collectors, their job is that much easier. If you are being hounded buy a debt collector for past due credit card debt, you may want to speak with an attorney to determine your options. One of the many advantages of hiring an attorney to represent you is that your best interest is always at the forefront. Information is only given to your creditors as needed.   We never just hand over everything to a creditor.

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Kevin Fallon McCarthy is the McCarthy Law PLC’s managing attorney and an experienced Phoenix debt attorney. Mr. McCarthy has also worked as general counsel for a large corporation. He has corporate counsel experience in human resource matters, general corporate governance, and union class action litigation.