Citibank Accused of Murdering a Credit Cardholder | McCarthy Law PLC
March 4, 2013

Citibank Accused of Murdering a Credit Cardholder

I guess that we all should thank goodness we live in the good old USA. Here, the worst Citibank does to people they claim owe them money is to sue them in court. In Indonesia, Citibank and its agents take their collection efforts to a whole new level.

As the article below describes, a 50-year-old Indonesian businessman ended up dead in Citibank’s “interrogation room”. He made the mistake of accepting an invitation to be questioned at a Citibank office in Jakarta, which has a camera-free interrogation room for its mercenary debt collectors. Two hours later, he was wheeled out, apparently dead.

Citibank, for its part, expressed “deep sadness” and was quick to point out that the murderers (sorry, debt collectors) were outsourced independent contractors, not Citibank employees.  I guess that makes sense: if I were going to murder a client, I would probably go outside of the firm to find someone to do the job, too.

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