March 8, 2013

Top Reason for Personal BK? It May Surprise You

It’s no secret that healthcare is expensive, even if you have health insurance. Medical debt is the number one cause for personal bankruptcies. A recent article discusses five ways to avoid healthcare debt, and one of them is debt settlement.

In cases of hardship, a qualified debt settlement attorney can negotiate on your behalf for a reduction in the debt owed on a medical bill. The article above recommends trying to negotiate early when you know repayment of the bill in full is not possible, but that is not always the case for many consumers. If you are facing mounting medical bills you cannot afford to pay you are not alone. In fact a small movement is building to address the issues of medical debt.

A qualified debt settlement attorney can negotiate the debt even if the debt has already been sent to a debt collector. A debt settlement attorney can also defend any lawsuits brought by a debt collector. In debt settlement and negotiation, the attorney’s goal is to achieve a reduction in the principal balance owed, thereby making repayment manageable for the consumer. Until the public or private sector changes the American healthcare system in such a way that eliminates past medical debt, these debts are here to stay. Contact a qualified debt settlement attorney and learn more about reductions in debt balances without the need for bankruptcy.