Don’t fall victim to unfair collection practices | McCarthy Law PLC
March 15, 2013

Don’t fall victim to unfair collection practices

An Arizona woman with a ten year old debt of $170 began receiving calls from a collection agency claiming that she now owes $1170. In addition to demanding that she pay immediately, the collection agent told the women that if she did not pay they would suspend her driver’s license and issue a warrant for her arrest. After harassing the woman and attempting to intimidate her, they offered her a reduced settlement of $220.

Practices such as these are clear violations of the Federal Debt Collection Procedures Act, and should not be tolerated. An experienced debt settlement attorney can prevent collection agents from contacting individuals directly, and can enforce people’s rights in dealing with creditors. It is important to know your rights and not be bullied by aggressive debt collector, and a debt settlement attorney can ensure that their clients are not taken advantage of.

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