Can Debt Collectors Go To Jail for Bad Practices? | McCarthy Law PLC
March 25, 2013

Can Debt Collectors Go To Jail for Bad Practices?

The answer appears to be yes!  An Orlando debt collection agency was raided earlier this month for its guerilla-like tactics in debt collection. Federal investigators made several arrests, served search warrants, and froze the company’s assets because of their unfair collection practices. The company’s agents would call consumers claiming to be police, government agents, and county clerks and would attempt to collect debts that, many times, had already been paid or did not even exist. One of the suspects arrested at the company’s office was also found to be in possession of narcotics.

For many people, receiving calls from criminals posing as government officials and demanding payment or else, can be very intimidating. Instead of dealing with agencies like this by themselves, it is in a consumer’s best interest to work with an experienced debt settlement attorney to make the calls stop, and bring these criminals to justice. A debt settlement attorney can stop the threatening calls, and can validate the debt to ensure that the debt they are claiming payment on does, in fact, exist.

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