April 22, 2013

Dave Ramsey Credit Card Debt

In a recent article, consumer finance guru Dave Ramsey, advocates the “snowball method” for paying down credit card debt.  He says the consumer with credit card debt should line up their credit cards and pay off the smallest balances first, working their way up to the bigger balances.  That’s good advice, but only as far as it goes.  What about consumers who don’t have the cash to cover even the minimum payments.


The truth for some consumers is they cannot afford to pay even the minimum payments.  In this situation the consumer only has two options, debt settlement or bankruptcy.  Debt settlement done by a qualified attorney often results in significant reductions in the principal balance owed.  When the consumer owes less money, they get out of debt faster!  If you are a consumer who is struggling to keep up with minimum payments, or cannot afford your minimum payments, contact a qualified debt settlement attorney today.