Biggest Mistake You Can Make in Settling Debt | Debt Attorney

What is the biggest mistake you can make in settling credit card debt?  It may surprise you.  I am stunned at how many people engage someone to settle debt for them without meeting them face-to-face.  Too many non-lawyer debt settlement companies (and perhaps some lawyers as well) don’t want to meet with a potential client, either because they do not have physical offices in the city in which the caller lives or because they do not have anyone to meet with clients in-person.  They attempt to do all of their business over-the-phone and via email.

I understand these companies want to do it that way to save money and to get clients from a larger geographic area than their resources currently allow.  What I don’t understand is why clients go for it.  Before you agree to let someone take on your debts for settlement, meet with the lawyer in person.  Take their measure, ask questions about them and their firm.  Be smart; settling debt and debt workout is a big deal.