Is Your Debt Snowball Plan on Hold? | McCarthy Law PLC
May 23, 2013

Is Your Debt Snowball Plan on Hold?

Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball process is designed to help individuals get out of debt. Essentially, you pay off your smaller bills first, which gives you momentum to pay off the larger debts.

This article ( discusses common reasons why individuals who are utilizing Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball plan lose momentum or put the plan on hold. The author cites growing a family, celebrating milestones, and spending time with loved ones as personal decisions that interfere with the plan and cause people to lose their debt payoff momentum.

If you find yourself losing momentum or unable to keep up with your debt snowball plan, it may be time to consult a debt settlement attorney. A debt settlement attorney can negotiate for large reductions in your unsecured debts, settling them for a fraction of what is claimed due. A good debt settlement law firm can also set you up on an automated monthly payment plan that does not require momentum to complete.

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