Do Consumers Need Legal Protection Against Banks? | McCarthy Law PLC
May 28, 2013

Do Consumers Need Legal Protection Against Banks?

Absolutely.  Big banks and debt collectors often engage in unlawful behavior to collect a debt.  Harassing phone calls, lies, and false threats are much more common practice than they should be.   Recently, the state of California has sued JP Morgan Chase for filing countless lawsuits against California credit card consumers without verifying factual information as required by law.,0,3997764.story

In short, the bank is suing consumers without following proper procedures. JP Morgan Chase is probably engaging in this behavior because many consumers panic when they receive a lawsuit and will beg, borrow, and steal the money to repay the bank, for what in reality is a lawsuit without merit!

Consumers need legal protection. Debt settlement performed by a qualified debt settlement attorney in the state of California gives a consumer that greater protection.  Under the California Rosenthal Act, a debt collector, collection attorney, and the original creditor are not permitted to contact a consumer who is represented by a debt settlement attorney.  In addition, a debt settlement attorney will fight lawsuits and ease the consumer’s anxieties about the legal system.

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