Is a Debt Consolidation a Trap? | McCarthy Law PLC
May 29, 2013

Is a Debt Consolidation a Trap?

Debt consolidation is not an optimal solution to debt problems. The article below suggests that at least 70 percent of people who consolidate their debt end up with as much or more debt a few years later. Therefore, debt consolidation does not have a good track record of getting people out of debt.

The article also points out that with debt consolidation you can wind up paying more interest over time, which ultimately means more money out of your pocket. Even worse, consolidating your debt onto a home equity loan or line of credit puts your home at risk and could ultimately lead to the loss of your home.

Unlike debt consolidation, a debt settlement plan seeks to settle your debt for significantly less than the amount owed.  With debt settlement, an attorney will work to negotiate to get your debt settled for a fraction of the amount claimed due. It will not increase your interest payments or put your house at risk. Plus, once settled, the debt is discharged entirely, giving you a fresh, debt-free start. If this sounds like a better option than debt consolidation (it should), contact a qualified debt settlement attorney.


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