Senator Urging for Debt Collection Reform

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown has written his third letter in a year to the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) urging for more regulations on the debt collection industry.

Brown notes the increasing number of complaints from consumers about the threats and aggressiveness of these debt collectors, and that many of the debts they are attempting to collect do not even exist. Many of the complainants reported that they were threatened with jail, job loss, ruined credit, and homelessness.

Senator Brown’s suggestions would require debt collectors to have original proof of the debt, prohibit the sale of debts without such proof, and would not allow collectors to pursue debts that are outside the statute of limitations.


Many Americans have had the misfortune of being contacted by a debt collector and now just how nasty they can be. Consumers should know their rights when facing a debt collector, and contacting a qualified debt settlement attorney can ensure they do. A debt settlement attorney can assist in eliminating the constant threats and harassment, validate the debt to make sure it does exist, and can help reach a favorable settlement for the consumer. If you are currently being contacted by a debt collector, call a debt settlement attorney immediately.

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