Do Debt Problems Equal Marital Problems for Boomers? | McCarthy Law PLC
June 14, 2013

Do Debt Problems Equal Marital Problems for Boomers?

Apparently.  A recent study by the Age UK and the International Longevity Centre revealed that older couples in debt are “more than twice as likely to experience marriage breakdown.” Although it was not subject of the study, I would not be surprised if the breakup rate were higher for younger couples as well.  From what we see with our clients, debt is a problem that affects people regardless of age.  Stress from debt can cause the breakup of otherwise happy marriage.

Read more on the study here:

If you’re an older (or younger) couple experiencing financial trouble with debt, consult a debt settlement attorney. A good debt settlement attorney can map a strategy to relieve you of your financial burdens and take the strain off your relationship without bankruptcy. Contact a debt settlement attorney to get started today.

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