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June 19, 2013

Trapped in Home with Positive Equity?

Recently, Zillow published their Negative Equity Report, which shows that home values are rising and the number of American homeowners with negative equity — or a house “underwater” — has dropped. While this is great news, the report also shows that 18.2% of homeowners with positive equity in their home can’t afford to move from that home. They likely cannot afford a down payment for a new home due to other debts or lack of income, or they cannot qualify for a loan due to their credit score or other debts. In effect, these homeowners are tied to their current homes by debt.

See here for the full report:

If you are a homeowner with a rising home value who wants to take advantage of the real estate market but is being held back by other debts, then contact a debt settlement attorney who can help you negotiate a large reduction in your other debts and get you in a healthy financial position to sell your home and buy the next.

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