Would A Bill Collector Lie? | McCarthy Law PLC
June 21, 2013

Would A Bill Collector Lie?

Collection letters can be frightening for any lay consumer to receive.  Many consumers fear creditors can send them to jail or sue them and take their homes, cars, savings, or embarrass them publicly.  For the most part these fears are either untrue, or are remedies available to a creditor only very far off into the future.  Consider this family’s story about a creditor who used many lies in an attempt to collect only about $100 from them.


The only truth in dealing with a creditor is that I find they will say anything to drive the consumer into such a frenzy that they beg, borrow, or steal the money to repay a debt.  Knowing this, a lay consumer cannot trust much of anything a creditor or collection agency says to them.  Consumers need professional protection from collection scams, and this help can come in the form a qualified debt settlement attorney.   If you are a consumer receiving collection letters or harassing calls from debt collectors, contact a qualified debt settlement attorney and empower yourself.


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