Are Small Business Owners Neglecting Future to Keep Their Business Afloat?

Small business owners are taking from their retirement and savings in order to keep their businesses afloat. A Pepperdine University and Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. study “found that 42 percent had used personal assets to fund their companies.” It’s not hard to imagine that small business owners may have been pulling from their personal savings and retirement accounts to keep up with business loan payments and to keep their businesses afloat.

Click here for the full article: https://www.cnbc.com/id/100879593

Small business owners having trouble paying back their bank loans and SBA loans have other options besides sacrificing their retirements. A qualified debt settlement attorney can negotiate for large reductions in their clients’ debts. Explore your options by contacting a debt settlement attorney today.


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Kevin Fallon McCarthy is the McCarthy Law PLC’s managing attorney and an experienced Phoenix debt attorney. Mr. McCarthy has also worked as general counsel for a large corporation. He has corporate counsel experience in human resource matters, general corporate governance, and union class action litigation.