August 19, 2013

Do Most People Believe in Carrying Credit Card Debt?

The majority of consumers believe paying off credit card debt in full is the only responsible way to manage credit card debt.  A minority believe carrying debt over from month to month is just part of life and fiscally responsible.–attitudes-differ-on-credit-card-debt–survey-says-15110.html

However, carrying over credit card debt from month to month has many potentially harmful effects.  First, debt balances that are carried over from month to month grow into much higher balances because of added interest and continued spending.  Second, eventually the credit cards will hit their maximum spending limits, and the cycle of carrying over debt must stop.

If you are carrying over credit card debt month to month and the debt only grows higher, contact a qualified debt settlement law firm.  Working with a qualified debt settlement attorney will break the cycle of floating large amounts of credit card debt. Debt settlement performed by a law firm will result in much lower debt balances that can finally be paid off by the consumer.