Can Medical Emergencies Lead to High Credit Card Debt?

Yes.  A recent post on Fox Business asks for advice on dealing with credit card debt brought on by a medical emergency.  Jay’s wife suffered a stroke, and while recovering ran up several thousand dollars in credit card debt.


Jay now asks what to do about the credit card debt he cannot afford to pay.  The advice is simple, contact a qualified consumer debt attorney.  Debt settlement done by a qualified attorney results in significant reductions in the principal balance owed.  In addition, an attorney can insulate and defend the consumer from creditor lawsuits while simultaneously settling the debt disputes.  If you have racked up unexpected debt due to a medical emergency, contact a qualified debt settlement attorney.


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Kevin Fallon McCarthy is the McCarthy Law PLC’s managing attorney and an experienced Phoenix debt attorney. Mr. McCarthy has also worked as general counsel for a large corporation. He has corporate counsel experience in human resource matters, general corporate governance, and union class action litigation.