Are Students Borrowing More to Go to College?

Data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shows that there is currently $1.2 trillion in student loan debt. That is no small matter and it affects the borrower, their families, and the economy at large. An article by Forbes shows that “student loan debts measure at 6% of the overall national debt.”

Read the full article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/specialfeatures/2013/08/07/how-the-college-debt-is-crippling-students-parents-and-the-economy/

The article offers remedies for those with federal student loans, but those with private student loans don’t have those same options. Often people carrying private student loans can barely get by and struggle to simply pay the interest on their loans. If you’re stuck and not making traction on paying down your private student loans, contact a qualified debt settlement attorney today to get the help you need.

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