Do Debt Collectors Threaten Via Text? | McCarthy Law PLC
September 26, 2013

Do Debt Collectors Threaten Via Text?

Apparently.  In a recent settlement with the FTC, National Attorney Service agreed to pay a $1 million civil penalty for sending text messages to debtors for collection purposes. The text messages often threatened consequences like imprisonment, hundreds of thousand of dollars in attorneys’ fees, and wage garnishment. In some instances the text messages were sent to friends and family members of the debtors. This particular company has a long history of high pressure and deceptive tactics, and as part of the settlement must stop using the names “national attorney service”, “national attorney, or “national attorney collection service”.

As if phone calls and letters were not enough, debt collectors are now using other communication mediums to harass debtors. Now that special someone sending you text messages could be a debt collector. Consumers that are facing constant harassment from collectors should contact a qualified debt settlement attorney immediately to protect their rights and resolve the matter without further harassment. A qualified debt settlement attorney can also assist in reaching a reasonable settlement with creditors.

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